The FLiP team is comprised of vape enthusiasts unified in a single goal: to deliver superior flavor.
The Flavor Infusing Pods achieve this by encapsulating the TRUE flavor extracts in a neat, tidy capsule so that they are separate from the vapor, which burns too hot to maintain the profiles as they are meant to be enjoyed. The result is a dramatically enhanced flavor with a delicious after-taste and none of the harmful vaping bi-products that the FDA is currently attempting to regulate. FLiP has an outstanding line-up of flavors spearheaded by the Space Jam line which will be bringing all the classics we have come to love. Look out for new lines in the near future.
The hardware is what makes us special. The FLiPgrip is a compact but powerful box mod, which was created by Joyetech and will be released worldwide. Our rebuildable atomizer line of tanks and drippers was created by Jay Bo who revolutionized dripping with the iconic Tobh atty. The FLiP adds a new dimension for him to play with. Lastly, there is the starter kit, and it packs a huge punch for eGo-C users.