Flip eGrip

$ 99.00

Don’t let the flawless aesthetics fool you, the FliPgrip is an absolute beast. Manufactured by some of the top brains at Joyetech, this wunderkind has endured long hours in the lab where every bit of its internal organs were maximized for optimum performance. Pop the hood, and you will find the best features on the market: State of the art chip, high quality materials from top to bottom, option for rebuildable coils, micro USB for easy charging, side bracket for simple refilling, and the FLiP chamber which houses the magic. Put one in your hand and take it for a test drive.


Amazing Output Wattage

20W output is no longer a luxury. Big clouds for big flavor.

Atomizer Head replacement

Simply unscrew and replace the atomizer on the bottom of the device with the tool provided.


Easy Pod Access

Just unscrew the top to switch out the flavor pod.


VW mode (8W-20W)

In this mode, wattage output can be adjusted by rotating the regulation ring clockwise or counterclockwise. With the wattage increasing, the cloud production will be higher.



Size: 46.4mmX20.4mmX99.5mm(including mouthpiece)
Capacity: 1500mAh
Output mode: VW Mode
E-juice Capacity: 3.6ml
eGrip CS Atomizer Head: 1.5Ω resistance

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