Jbow Atty

$ 59.99

We all love the Kayfun. Packing huge flavor and unparalleled functionality, it’s safe to say that it’s one of the best devices out there. Somehow, Jay Bo – creator of the iconic Tobh atty – has found a way to make it even better.

Introducing the Jay Bo Kayfun Flip Conversion Kit, or JBK, a revolutionary new device uniting the performance of the Kayfun and the innovation of Flavor Insusion Pods (FLiP). Flawlessly bolting on to your Kayfun, the JBK unleashes an avalanche of flavor reminiscent of the first time you vaped a delicious flavor. But it’s different. It brings an entire new dimension to flavor. It’s cleaner, more flavorful. More pure.

The JBK is built on top of the mechanics of the Kayfun, where you can customize your build based on your objective: cloud or flavor. It is engineered to “inhale” the vapor and cyclone it thru the FLiP while bringing the temperature down and the true flavor essence up.

This is a must have for any Kayfun owner.

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